Our Story:

For over 30 years, The J.J. Wilbur Company has been servicing the analytical needs of our laboratory, university, industry, process, environmental analysis and air emissions monitoring customers. We proudly provide an extensive range of the finest and best available analytic systems, custom enclosures, programmable multi-purpose software, and analytic equipment servicing.

Unique problems, require custom solutions:

We specialize in creating custom analytic setups that have been implemented in worldwide settings, such as mobile enclosures; remote Wi-Fi monitoring; and cloud storage. Our custom systems can be designed and built to the fullest technical specifications and/or drawings.

Who are our customers?

We supply scientific analyzers to a broad range of markets from OEMs, to universities and research establishments, to the transport, oil and gas industries. and even to government agencies worldwide.

Why us?

  • More than thirty years of dedication to meeting the needs of some of the most demanding scientific requirements here at home, nation-wide, and abroad.
  • We guarantee the quality of the products that we represent, and that they’re some of the best equipment on the market for your needs.
  • We focus on delivering customer satisfaction – by our attention to detail, expert advice, competitive pricing, diverse and deep analytic expertise, and fast affordable servicing of your systems.
  • We have the most helpful, knowledgeable and customer-focused staff in the industry.

We understand that every job no matter how small, no matter how tight the budget is unique and important. We will always listen to your needs and specify the best product for your project at the most competitive price.