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Announcing Markes International as a Valued Partner of The J.J. Wilbur Company

Markes is a world leader in thermal desorption technology for GC analysis. Offers a comprehensive list of products designed to automate and enhance the measurement of trace level volatile and semi-volatile organic chemicals (VOCs and SVOCs) in real-world samples. Offers both canister based systems for air analysis (TO-15) as well as tube based systems (TO-17). Markes also provides the Almsco International bench top time of flight (TOF) mass spectrometer.  …

Announcing Teledyne Leeman Labs as a Valued Partner of The J.J. Wilbur Company

Specializing in Atomic Spectroscopy Leeman Labs offers a variety of mercury analyzers including Atomic Absorption (AA), Atomic Florescence (AF), AF Gold, and combustion based instruments State-of-the-art Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Spectrometers offering the broadest range of ICP Spectrometers available.…