Wilbur Technical Services, LLC is an affiliate dedicated to custom solutions, training and equipment service. The following is a sampling of some of the projects completed by WTS.

Gas Analysis – Wilbur Technical Services brings a wealth of experience solving analytical problems for a variety of customers. We are well known in the gas analysis industry where we are recognized for providing quality products and prompt and professional service. Examples of our capabilities are given in the project list below. These projects include:

  • Installed multipoint NOx monitoring system to detect infiltrate into distribution center
  • Installed CEMS DAS at Power Plant
  • Built complete gas laboratory rack and sample conditioning system
  • Built portable sample conditioning system for CEM test group
  • Designed and built three complete test trailers for gas sampling including self contained power system, gas analyzers, gas distribution panels, sample conditioning, calibration systems and data acquisition
  • Built complete particulate and meteorological monitoring and data acquisition system
  • Provided O3 monitoring, and VOC reduction service for jet engine manufacturing research and development
  • Provided NOX and O2 monitoring system for turbine testing
  • Installed multipoint toxic leak detection for gases in R&D laboratory
  • Provided I/O consulting for power plant DAS retrofit
Lab Processes – WTS also brings experience and capability to the laboratory where we have provided instrumentation, solutions, and consulting to researchers and analysts in the commercial, environmental, government, and academic sectors. Our staff includes a PhD Analytical Chemist with training in analytical methods, applications, and data analysis. We also offer additional training and method development services. A summary of our capabilities can be seen in the sampling of representative work shown below:
  • Provided consulting for drinking and wastewater analysis
  • Configuration of analytical systems for fixed and mobile environmental laboratories
  • Development of FIA and ICP-MS Methods for U.S. EPA
  • Developed protocols for field analytical equipment
  • Provided lab set-up consultation for nutraceutical and brewing industries
  • Provided pre-installation and moving consultation for universities and industry
  • Service and support for ultrasonic spectrometer slurry analysis
  • ISO9001 testing support for particle size QC
  • Installation and support for particle size and tensile testing apparatus including thermal chamber analysis
  • Supported college program for air analysis of criteria pollutants and PAMS by thermal desorption